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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scones Or Thick Cookies

I've seen some recipes floating around for making scones out of cake mix for a few months. I got this bright idea of making some for Christmas breakfast and picked up a red velvet/green velvet combo cake mix from the grocery before the holiday.
Then life happened and I didn't do it.
I finally made them this past weekend and the jury is sort of OUT on this. I liked them and thought they were good. The husband thinks they were just thick cookies. I do agree that they're not as...dense or something, as traditional scones. So how's it work?
I modded this recipe for mine following the baking instructions but not using sprinkles etc.
The mixing bit was fine, I followed it to the exact instructions and did in fact get a dough I could roll into a dough and then press flat.
It is, however, some of the tackiest dough I've ever touched. It's like velcro. You touch it, you're one with it. Also red dye and green dye stain. Prepare yourself for that bit and be ready to work fast. I used a butter knife to make my wedges which didn't look quite perfect but I thought were good enough.
Mostly wedge shaped as you can see. And these would've been festive for Christmas breakfast wouldn't they? I'm such a dork. I have to do better next year.
I felt like they came out really well, however. Mostly scone shaped, and possibly a bit fluffier than I anticipated but that's because of the baking powder in the cake mix obviously. And not a hardship to me.
Because these are chocolate, despite their color, we opted for our traditional butter cream icing. I had said we'd drizzle them with icing. I got some help and perhaps drizzle was just a suggestion.

I'm not sure if they are scones or just thick cookies. Or are scones simply thick cookies anyway? Regardless, I thought they were good. I took some to work, people at work thought they were good.

Verdict? Good.