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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Can't Find My Coffee Addiction

As a former two pot a day girl, I have to admit, I do love the coffee. But for health reasons and maybe just because I get enough sleep now (mostly) I have cut way back. In fact, for the past few months, I've been about a two cup a day girl. One cup first thing. I normally wake up thinking, mmmmmm coffee.

The first thing I do is stumble to the mecca of the Keurig to create my delicious dark beverage that will transform me to zombie to human. It's a magical elixir and I am truly a willing servant of it's powers.

But the last two days, some thing's...off. I didn't get straight up and run for coffee. In fact, I've been up 45 minutes and have yet to make a cup. I am considering foregoing the normal "good" cup I have here daily and just drinking the black death tar we have at work. Yes it's that bad. I don't even enjoy it. I just drink it for the drug it contains and treat it like a necessary evil.

Am I this close to kicking caffeine? SHOULD I kick caffeine? I mean, WHY should I? It doesn't keep me up at night, doesn't make my heart race, it doesn't do anything but make me happy and wake me up a bit. So should I kick it? 48 hours of massive headaches and wanting to kill everyone who looks at me sideways await you all if that's the way I go.

The more I think about it, the less terrible that cup at works sounds, in fact, it sounds like it might be quite good. Oh hello addiction, there you are.

Back to coffee I go.