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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Let's Go Back To The Start

26 days and almost exactly to the hour that we shot this picture, my friend Chuck left the world. That isn't a long time.

I wrote about our last lunch as the three amigos, lunch buddies with ridiculous senses of humor and kindred spirits that made us perfect companions in our adventures at work and lunch. I think I never laughed so hard with any people in my entire life, as I laughed with Dave and Chuck at lunch. Dave leaving to start a new life full of adventures without us was sad.

Chuck and I trudged onward, eating lunch and making plans to go see Dave sometime soon. We're obviously not going to be doing that.

I've had a lot of death in the past two weeks. A bit more than I was mentally ready for. I learned about the Jewish funeral rites, which was fascinating and rather comforting. I liked the end, when everyone helped in the burial. It is action, from the family and community to perform one last service for the dead, so that the business of living can begin again. You do this for the person you loved, and life starts back up again. The person lives in your memories and the pain gets less as time goes on, until you are just left with the happy and sad fades to grey.

On Tuesday some of the best people I know are getting in a van and driving to do our last service to Chuck, to bear witness to his funeral and say goodbye. We can't fix where we are today, nor all that has happened. But we can do this one last thing and so we will.

I am ready for the sad to fade to grey.


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