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Monday, July 21, 2014

Christmas in July

It was Christmas in July at the local minor league team's game yesterday,and our Autism support group SPECTRUM had free tickets for families of Autistic Children so we we headed over despite the clouds. My children took this opportunity to make silly faces while we posed for the Gwinnett Daily Post photographer.

The rain was southwest and far away and I felt pretty good that we could make it at least until the 7th inning stretch for Miles favorite song.

Right about the time we got settled and were comfortable, it began to sprinkle. When we had been saying hello to Santa they told us that there was a suite available for us, in case the boys needed a quiet place. We thought we should maybe check it out in case there was room for us. Turns out - there was only one other family in there!
The game didn't have a big turn out because of the drizzle, which started right when we got to the suite, and continued on through the game. But we didn't care because we were under the awning woooot!

Julia was enamored of the mascot but he had been far away from us when we were down in the stands, so she didn't get to meet him. We heard a knocking on the glass behind us and suddenly...
There he was! He came up and goofed with the kids and I think even the 11 year old thought it was fun. But please don't tell anyone as that wouldn't be cool AT ALL.

The view from above was great, even if the stadium emptied more as the rain continued. It was awesome and we destroyed the Durham Bulls. I mean we ran 8 runs in one inning, that kind of destroyed.
Now we did have to tell Julia to quit yelling GO WHITE GUYS GO which was kind of hilarious, but other than that and nonstop bathroom trips due to copious amounts of soda pop it was a pretty awesome day.

All in all, I think we decided we could get used to this suite life.
Cozy comfort, snacks, and baseball? WITH nice clean and room bathrooms for diaper changes?

Seriously, count me in.