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Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Wonder of The Whale Sharks

I didn't realize it had been five years since we had visited Georgia Aquarium. How did that happen? Well of course there is the fact that it's HELLA expensive. (I'm bringing back HELLA).  But they had a good offer on annual passes and we LOVED the aquarium in the past so back we went.

It never occurred to me, until we were INSIDE that the girl had never been there. We are now at the stage where she is such a part of our lives in Georgia that I don't realize we had years here before she joined us. She bounced through the open atrium leading to the exhibits shouting THIS IS AMAZING at the top of her lungs. 

Then we got to the big tank.

The big tank at the Georgia Aquarium is one of the wonders of the world to me. Fish bigger than anything I've ever even imagined are swimming right in front of us. It's peaceful, it's majestic and I can't begin to describe the level of peace it gives me. I think I could sit there, with a drink, and just watch the fish for hours.

We saw the penguins which weren't there when we were there last, and the new dolphin show which is now a staple as the twins think dolphins are the BEST THING EVER apparently. They loved them on our dolphin cruise at the retreat and now this. I thought Charlie was going to come unhinged he was so ecstatic.

The twins have definite things they like vs show disinterest in for sure. So we try to plan our visits to allow time for restroom/diaper changes, and being aware that sometimes it's just too much for them. But the plus side of us ALWAYS going and doing so much is that they like it and participate. You just have to realize that when you say "LOOK OTTER !" they might wander off to look at a dustbunny.

But that's ok too. The see the otter, in their own way but the dustbunny is more interesting at the moment. Things they ARE interested in you can hardly tear them away from.

As for me, I can't wait to get back and sit in wonder of the whales, the sharks, and the creatures of the deep.