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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Got Head at the Cherry Blossom Festival

No Really. We did. See?

ANYHOO, it was supposed to be 71 and sunny and wouldn't ya know it, it was colder than flippin hell? I mean it was freeze your nads off "oh my god why are we outside we're going to die here" cold.

Ok it was like 47.

But that's COLD here dammit.

We ran the gauntlet of the little shops snapping up those must have items such as the concrete head above (ooooo, baby, it's really really hard.......hahahaha sorry cracking myself up).

And we picked up the requisite festival silly stuff, such as fudge and nick-nacks. You gotta have them, and where else would we GET these things if not for festivals?

Ok I seriously love the welded metal snail. It rocks. It came with it's own real spider. I'm not sure if they are friends or what's up with those two. The fudge however, was complete shite and it's difficult for me to convey HOW messed up it was. It just wasn't proper fudge, in any way shape or form. Rather it was squares of flavored candy product.

We ate the requisite foods on sticks, and other random festival foods. How cold was it? See those nachos? That cheese was ice cold before we sat down. ICK. Also it was cheddar cheese food - NOT even proper fake nacho cheese. Double ick.

You know it's nasty when the kid says "I don't want any more" after a few bites.

But despite the gloom of the day and the nard freezing weather.........it was a fun kick off to FESTIVAL SEASON! I can't wait! A full summer of buying pots of jam and crafts made by fine christian women.

I'm ready, Georgia.

Bring it!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just What IS This Scarlet Fever?I Thought No One Got It Anymore

Well since my kids were diagnosed with SCARLET FEVER last week in the ER I've had
  • A Complete moment of terror
  • My Mind relieved
  • To listen to every story of someone's relative who died/baby died/went deaf/went blind/became mentally disabled etc

...because of scarlet fever.

And I've LEARNED a lot - which I think is stuff you need to know.

First off, scarlet fever is alive and well. It never went anywhere it's not like small pox.

Scarlet fever and scarlatina are the same thing. Don't ask your MOM, look it up.

The CDC does a nice job of just running down the info you need or you can google it, but here is the short version.

Scarlet fever is a really really bad strain of strep. Yes it used to kill people and do other things,but now they just give you a shot of penicillin and in 48 hours you're back to your old tantrum throwing self. (We began to wonder if one of ours actually had MISS Scarlet Fever because his tantrums increased).

If your kids run a high fever and then break out in spots, you need to be seen. Because it's treatable, but it's still the same old disease that can do very bad things to good people.

So, here we are. It's three days later and everyone is getting better.

But thank you all very much for your good thoughts. It was much appreciated

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Charlie Chows Down at JITB

Delicious Fanta Float at JITB

Fanta float at jack in the box!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sometimes I am Crafty

So I painted these shoes for my littlest twin. Shut Up I never said I was GOOD!

In other news, apparently we're bringing back old school plagues, as we seem to have Scarlet Fever. I fully expect consumption to make the rounds next. (Am actually quite glad we went to the ER, cuz you don't mess with Scarlet Fever).

More Fun On My Fridge

Quote from W. I miss him already.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun On My Fridge

The Card says - Pennwise Says - I Miss You.
Cuz that's love!

Friday, March 20, 2009

What You Don't Want To Find

So since I haven't unpacked properly anywhere we've lived since 1999 it's sort of been a running joke that I'll be amazed what we'll find when I finally DO so.

And of course I aimed to open a box a day, or a box a week and get this stuff DONE but you know what, /FAIL.

Regardless of all that, do you know what you don't want to find, when you moved into your new house in July 2008 and today is March 19 2009.

You don't want to find the box labeled food.

We're so excited! Who's coming to dinner??

Monday, March 16, 2009

Put Down The Book And Parent, Frodo

Everyone has different parenting styles. I respect this.

Ok, no I don't because I'm just like you and I think that I am right all the time. But regardless - I ACKNOWLEDGE that we all do it a bit differently. I understand, some spank, some do time outs (whatever that crap doesn't work), some give a stern talking to. Some people don't give their kids sugar, some kids only give their kids organic foods, some people don't believe in doctors (whatever again) and obviously, some people believe in allowing their children to be "free spirits".

Which is all fine and good.

But the problem is, when your little free spirit is a little terrorist brat. I don't even actually mind if that 46 chromosomes of life form you love IS a brat........as long as the bratty behavior doesn't extend to tormenting other children -including my own.

You see, there's this little Bratty McBratt where we let the big boy play soccer. She hits the other kids as they go by, she pinches them, she gets in their face and makes rude obnoxious faces. I suppose I might let just the rudeness stuff GO - but it's the hitting and pinching - and acting like she's going to poke them in the eye (and nearly doing it multiple times) that is just getting to me. And the greater source of my frustration is that the other kids tolerate it to a point - and when they FINALLY retaliate - well........they're the ones that get caught.

Because their reaction is not to ONE pinch, it's to 12 or 20. So it LOOKS out of proportion - unless you are paying attention.

Truthfully - just using playground rules, she needs a good smack from one of them.

We've finally had to address it to the powers that be - as the teenagers running the fundamentals don't seem to know how to handle her. Nor should they - as they are just

But where, oh where, might you ask is Miss Brattypants parent?

Well, it seems that dad is caught up in the doin's on on the shire - with his nose firmly planted into a book. He can barely even look up when it's her turn to do something, he certainly can't look up when she's physically abusing other children. Possibly he's also planning what he's going to wear this year in the SCA events he'll be attending.

So let me sum up.

I don't give a crap that we differ in our parenting. Please feel free to embrace all the hippie "let them express themselves" bullshit you feel necessary - by all means. You'll get no squabble from me, despite my derision for your love of the Baggins clan. But when your kid is hurting my kid, or scaring my kid........well we've got a problem.

And I promise you - it won't be some hobbit ass I kick if I have to deal with you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

They Love Him Too

For 19 months only he was solitary, an individual child in a house of adults. But after the 19th month - he was just the oldest of three. He has spent the best part of his six years helping to take care of the littler ones, the ones who needed more help - the ones who still need more help. He's never been jealous or upset because there were "babies" in his space. He helps fetch and carry for them, cleans up their messes and helps keep them safe - acting as extra eyes and ears. In fact, he's so loving sometimes it amazes.
So it was very tender to see him sleeping in the back with his baby brother taking gentle care of him while he slept.
Nice to know that as much as he loves them - they love him too.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

At The "Education Materials" Store.....

Who needs this?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Even Heathens Like a Good Book Fair

It was book fair night at ye old elementary school so we did our parental duty and took the crew over to peruse the goods.

I guess he's getting big when the sequels to books he LOVED last year only get a meh response, eh?

Seriously, he's looking at a COFFEE TABLE BOOK right there.

I mean, it's cool. But it's cool to ME. I'm 40. Doesn't he want stuff with cars and trucks and pirates?



His brother liked these......but I think mostly because they beeped and made noise.
We all know these are qualities to look for in a book.
*sidenote,at the bottom of the picture is a booklight in a purple package. The boy says "Oh looks, it's one of those things you get with the Snuggie!"

Can I Ask You Why You Don't Go To Church?

It starts innocently enough. You're eating dinner. Your kids are playing in the play place with someone else's kid - and parents start randomly chatting.
See, in many places in the United States, this sort of conversation can be pleasant. It doesn't have to be invasive or intrusive or otherwise busy-body in nature. There is this device in place, in many places, called small talk.
According to wikipedia, small talk is "conversation for it's own sake."

But here, in Dixie, you just know it's coming. No matter how level and generic the conversation, no matter how convivial your fellow conversant is......it never, ever fails.

"So, do you all go to church?" (we say "you all" when we're being more formal than "ya'll" )

Sigh. Here we go.

I pull a tight yet friendly smile and just say, "No." and change the subject. And the conversation muddles around and goes back to friendly small talk........but I feel it.

The Beast is in the room.

Organized Religion has sent a zealot into the Chik-Fil-A and seated her next to me.

In the midst of conversation, the news that our twins are autistic comes up, which shocks, dismays and surprises her. Seeing them play with her child had tricked her into believing we were also blessed by God with perfect children, I suppose. So then, when she see that we so clearly NEED the Lord's Help (my own interpretation) she pulls out the whopper.

"Can I ask why you don't go to church?"

Let me share something with you people. I grew up going to church. I attended Sunday school with people I went to regular school with, people who were my friends. And VEGAS rules applied to Church. You didn't go babbling on about church, getting in people's faces ABOUT CHURCH. Doing that is annoying, it's bad manners and truthfully - it's behaving a bit LIKE ONE OF THOSE HYPOCRITES that Jesus was so against. What happened at church stayed at church.

I do believe it was that fellow Jesus also said that it was better to pray in a closet alone than in synagogue with the hypocrites.

Don't come at me with your Bible. Know why? Because I've READ the Bible. Cover to cover. I've read the apocrypha as well. I know what it says. Do you?

So I get a little testy when someone who informs me that she just started going to church two months ago starts stepping onto the moral high ground with me.

I get a little testier when she insinuates that "she sees miracles every day".......indicating that the LORD is going to help my twins. And then when she asks if I don't attend church because I hurt too much.

Sigh. Seriously. Just Sigh.

So I ponder my responses.
"Can I ask why you don't go to church?"
How do I answer this? A million really shitty responses come to mind.......because I'm so unbelievably offended at the intrusiveness of this question. I mean, how DARE you ask me such a question. Seriously. It's none of your business.

My response was "Because it's not something I'm interested in."

And I'll tell you what, when your God comes down from heaven and cures my twins of their autism - we'll go to church. I'll sing in the choir.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Add This To The List That Contains "Apes That Sign"

You know, the list of animal things I hate.

I mean, isn't this just all we fucking need - the damned apes are making PLANS now?

Stupid evolution. That's all we need is for those little poop flinging bastards to start making PLANS. What sort of PLANS do apes need to make - really? Got stuff to do, do you?

They'll want to learn how to SIGN and then they'll all become nipple fiends like Koko and the whole thing is just MADNESS I tell you.

They're gonna be pissed when they find out about Koko and that we've been holding out on them, that's all I'm sayin'.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Circus McGirkus

The circus came to town and I have to admit, they went back to the old traditional ringed circus and it was SO much better than that modern musical drama-cirucs we saw a few years ago. That was the year Ringling decided to DO AWAY with the Rings.

Bleh, it was retarded.

This was retarded in the traditional "circus" way which was just fine with me. The clown jokes weren't funny, the tiger tamer was a joke - nothing like Gunther Gebel William who RULED, but - it was great.

The big boy got to try on some geniune circus folk clothes.

And the whole gang got some annoying whiz bang light up toys!

We feasted on circus food and enjoyed the very silly afternoon. I have decided that maximum circus entertainment is delivered to the 6 year old set, as the big boy practically BELLY laughed throughout most of the show.

I blinded my poor husband with the flash.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Coming to a Dining Room Near Me

A fact you might not know, is that despite having a vast array of china, silver and crystal pieces and a humidor that is somewhat well stocked (ok it's not full but what is in it is not crap), I lack something that many of you domestic types take for granted.


Proper Dining Room Chairs.

You see, I took a family heirloom table (from ye old Sears and Roebuck Catalog circa turn of the LAST century) out of my grandmother's house and have been carting it around with me throughout my single life. And, now through out my married life. It had been packed up while we lived in Florida. We didn't have ROOM for it, frankly, and so it wasn't until we unpacked after buying the house here in GA that we rolled this table into the dining room and realized.........
we had a hodgepodge seating arrangement that didn't go with our new formal dining room.
We've been sitting on old parsons chairs and the big boy was sitting in a rocking chair pulled up to the table. The parsons chairs were somewhat broken down, and then finally one BROKE and well.......

We needed SOMEWHERE to sit.

So after much vintage store shopping to no avail, we found a super mark-down sale at a local funiture store. When we walked in and saw THIS.......

And knew that what worked best for our family of monkeys was to pick up this......

for the sides of the table (seats two for less than the price of many single chairs!) and then these for the mommy and daddy.

And as you can imagine, some boys were worn out after furniture shopping two days in a row.But they seemed to be revived by a snack stop. Not as good as the cupcake place mind you but......it was adequate. (Ok it was really not as good, we stopped at Atlanta Bread Co and it was meh).

Anti-Semitic Salt

Because THIS was necessary.

If I understand the rabbi correctly, just like Jesus starts out Jewish - the salt starts out kosher...........I guess it converts?

(actually Jesus was always Jewish but you can't really get that through some people's heads now can you?)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Don't Feel Better

After the first day of area testing, I don't feel better.
As a matter of fact, I can't even properly describe how I feel.


Desolate strikes a chord. Can a person feel Desolate? I'm an old west town with bar room doors swinging in the wind, and dust & tumbleweeds rolling through the streets. I'm ratted curtains blowing through broken glass (gingham curtains, blue gingham) window (4 pane window) in a shoddy casement. I'm storefronts long abandoned.

I'm empty.

Why don't I feel BETTER? I should be mature enough to realize that professionals telling me what is WRONG is good. That learning what is wrong with the twins will help, in the end. I should be delighted to learn the amazing things I learned about my babies - even though they are big things, they are scary things.

I am not.

I guess, it's sort of like - if you thought you had cancer. And then you were worried that you had cancer. And it SEEMED likely that you had cancer. And you WENT to the doctor and he said "Why yes, you have cancer but here is what we can do" you STILL wouldn't be doing a dance. Because, even though your heart told you what was true, hearing it still stings and wounds you.

We have to do this again tomorrow. With the other twin. Who is, in fact, not as far developed in many ways as the first one is.

They are so sweet. They are so loving.

I just do not understand how this happened to my babies.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Thinking of Other Things

Well, we have our first round of arena testing in the morning. And rather than think about that, which is making me very intensely nervous and worried......I thought instead I would share something wonderful.

I would like to introduce you to someone wonderful. My new niece, along with my niece and nephew.

Here is my Mom, with the latest addition to the family.

Family is what matters. Family is all that matters.

Prior to the Snowfall

I was all prepared to brag about how spring had sprung down here in the ATL.
Because we were all into our spring coats and taking nature walks again, having picnics at the botanical gardens etc. Of course, this was a week or two ago.

Our state botanical gardens up in Athens were flush springtime blooms when we had a picnic there recently. It was such a lovely day, and it's such a great place just to let the kids GO GO GO.

Or to let them kiss statues.

Anyway, I was prepared to brag - even though I can't pull off a Florida style "hey I'm at the beach suckaz" brag, I was pretty happy with our weather. Oh well, Mother Nature had other ideas.

But you can see how she fooled me............look what she had already brought out!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Vintage Store Shopping

I found some treasures out vintage store shopping that I truly did not need but make quirky additions to my clutter filled life.
Some Zori (I think that's the name) with cute little bells in the heels. I'd like to believe these belonged to a child but I fear they belonged to a full grown woman.

But they are silk and beautiful, regardless. I shall put all that foot binding business out of my head.

I also got a nutty hat and a spool to set it on, for my dresser.

And then just to be totally politically incorrect I picked up a rabbit fur muffler. It's child size and completely decorative - and this rabbit is long dead so all you anti-fur people BACK OFF. It's vintage. Plus, at our house the rule is if we don't eat it we don't wear it......so, I'll just hang it here, as I don't eat rabbit. (But if I DO eat rabbit some day I might just wear this for grins).

So there, some of my vintage store finds from Saturday. We didn't find furniture THAT day but we got some really quirky fun stuff for the house.
And yes, that's a Barbie.

The Second Snowfall of Their Lives

Well, it started out small. And was rather disregarded, as this is Atlanta and they always say it's going to snow and it never does. But there was great excitement, as you can imagine. We had plans for shopping which REALLY needed to be done (the joke of it, we actually NEEDED bread and milk).

But the snow kept coming.

And the snow kept coming.

And eventually it became quite clear, that no matter what shopping HAD to be done, we were going to have to get our winter coats on and go spoil that pristine coat of white joy.

What was even more fun was that when we ended up outside the huge snowflakes started to fall. The kind that smack into you like large wet sugar drops.

So we ran and played and played and ran. The snow was on top of some mighty mud as it had rained the 24 hours before so you know, not nearly as much fun as it should've been, a bit sloggy in fact. But, if you are 4 or 6 - I'm not sure you noticed.

We put the oldest boy to work, making sure he knew what snowfall REALLY means! Scrape that car!

And our poor Daddy, we are truly wishing those jeans had arrived from L.L. Bean by now! Cuz he was cold! I am not sure that the twins remembered their first snowfall, they were so delighted with this one. Today all the schools are closed and the DTOT is recommending NO ONE DRIVE UNTIL THE SUN COMES UP. It's all a LITTLE funny, except being a Yankee - it occurs to me how much I rely (mentally) on the fact that the DTOT would have the roads cleaned up, salted/sanded and plowed by now.

Not here. People are actually without POWER because of this (wtf? it's like an INCH! maybe two after what melted). I suppose stuff here just isn't BUILT to withstand. Plus it SCARES everyone so much. SNOW! AAAAAH! SNOW!! AAAAH WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.

And me, well I'm drinking my coffee slowly and quietly - and the big boy just rolled out of bed rubbing his eyes, bewildered and delighted at his first ever SNOW DAY. I think I can't remember my last mellow morning like this. Maybe summer will be this way - without the bustle of school.

But until then.......I'm relaxing, in Snowy Atlanta.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Best Snack Stop EVAH!

While out antique/vintage store shopping yesterday around the ATL, we stopped at a delicious bakery recommended by my friend Molly.

The Atlanta Cupcake Company pretty much rocks, as you can see.

A case of cupcakes in various delicious flavors (we had Chocolate/Chocolate which the boy is pointing to, sugar cookie latte and carrot cake - all were AMAZING) and when they're gone for the day then they are gone. So if you go, take some friends and a fork because these cupcakes are TALL too. (thats the carrot below and the sugar cookie latte with the coffee bean on top)

Deeeelicious. I can't wait to traipse down there again sometime soon. Next time we're going to get EL DIABLO which is a cupcake that is chocolate, with chocolate icing that has hot pepper in it, and cinnamon I THINK she said.

I have pics of our vintage shopping acquisitions, I will share later. Today it's storming/hailing/future snowing and we're looking for dining room chairs still. Despite all our shopping, we JUST didn't land on anything yet!