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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Even Heathens Like a Good Book Fair

It was book fair night at ye old elementary school so we did our parental duty and took the crew over to peruse the goods.

I guess he's getting big when the sequels to books he LOVED last year only get a meh response, eh?

Seriously, he's looking at a COFFEE TABLE BOOK right there.

I mean, it's cool. But it's cool to ME. I'm 40. Doesn't he want stuff with cars and trucks and pirates?



His brother liked these......but I think mostly because they beeped and made noise.
We all know these are qualities to look for in a book.
*sidenote,at the bottom of the picture is a booklight in a purple package. The boy says "Oh looks, it's one of those things you get with the Snuggie!"