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Friday, March 06, 2009

Coming to a Dining Room Near Me

A fact you might not know, is that despite having a vast array of china, silver and crystal pieces and a humidor that is somewhat well stocked (ok it's not full but what is in it is not crap), I lack something that many of you domestic types take for granted.


Proper Dining Room Chairs.

You see, I took a family heirloom table (from ye old Sears and Roebuck Catalog circa turn of the LAST century) out of my grandmother's house and have been carting it around with me throughout my single life. And, now through out my married life. It had been packed up while we lived in Florida. We didn't have ROOM for it, frankly, and so it wasn't until we unpacked after buying the house here in GA that we rolled this table into the dining room and realized.........
we had a hodgepodge seating arrangement that didn't go with our new formal dining room.
We've been sitting on old parsons chairs and the big boy was sitting in a rocking chair pulled up to the table. The parsons chairs were somewhat broken down, and then finally one BROKE and well.......

We needed SOMEWHERE to sit.

So after much vintage store shopping to no avail, we found a super mark-down sale at a local funiture store. When we walked in and saw THIS.......

And knew that what worked best for our family of monkeys was to pick up this......

for the sides of the table (seats two for less than the price of many single chairs!) and then these for the mommy and daddy.

And as you can imagine, some boys were worn out after furniture shopping two days in a row.But they seemed to be revived by a snack stop. Not as good as the cupcake place mind you but......it was adequate. (Ok it was really not as good, we stopped at Atlanta Bread Co and it was meh).


Susan said...

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JesseM said...

Your house looks good. You may also want to look Ballard Designs. They have such unique dining room chairs alternatives.