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Monday, March 02, 2009

The Second Snowfall of Their Lives

Well, it started out small. And was rather disregarded, as this is Atlanta and they always say it's going to snow and it never does. But there was great excitement, as you can imagine. We had plans for shopping which REALLY needed to be done (the joke of it, we actually NEEDED bread and milk).

But the snow kept coming.

And the snow kept coming.

And eventually it became quite clear, that no matter what shopping HAD to be done, we were going to have to get our winter coats on and go spoil that pristine coat of white joy.

What was even more fun was that when we ended up outside the huge snowflakes started to fall. The kind that smack into you like large wet sugar drops.

So we ran and played and played and ran. The snow was on top of some mighty mud as it had rained the 24 hours before so you know, not nearly as much fun as it should've been, a bit sloggy in fact. But, if you are 4 or 6 - I'm not sure you noticed.

We put the oldest boy to work, making sure he knew what snowfall REALLY means! Scrape that car!

And our poor Daddy, we are truly wishing those jeans had arrived from L.L. Bean by now! Cuz he was cold! I am not sure that the twins remembered their first snowfall, they were so delighted with this one. Today all the schools are closed and the DTOT is recommending NO ONE DRIVE UNTIL THE SUN COMES UP. It's all a LITTLE funny, except being a Yankee - it occurs to me how much I rely (mentally) on the fact that the DTOT would have the roads cleaned up, salted/sanded and plowed by now.

Not here. People are actually without POWER because of this (wtf? it's like an INCH! maybe two after what melted). I suppose stuff here just isn't BUILT to withstand. Plus it SCARES everyone so much. SNOW! AAAAAH! SNOW!! AAAAH WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.

And me, well I'm drinking my coffee slowly and quietly - and the big boy just rolled out of bed rubbing his eyes, bewildered and delighted at his first ever SNOW DAY. I think I can't remember my last mellow morning like this. Maybe summer will be this way - without the bustle of school.

But until then.......I'm relaxing, in Snowy Atlanta.


April Brandon said...

How fun...did the boys get to wear their snow suits???