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Monday, March 02, 2009

Vintage Store Shopping

I found some treasures out vintage store shopping that I truly did not need but make quirky additions to my clutter filled life.
Some Zori (I think that's the name) with cute little bells in the heels. I'd like to believe these belonged to a child but I fear they belonged to a full grown woman.

But they are silk and beautiful, regardless. I shall put all that foot binding business out of my head.

I also got a nutty hat and a spool to set it on, for my dresser.

And then just to be totally politically incorrect I picked up a rabbit fur muffler. It's child size and completely decorative - and this rabbit is long dead so all you anti-fur people BACK OFF. It's vintage. Plus, at our house the rule is if we don't eat it we don't wear it......so, I'll just hang it here, as I don't eat rabbit. (But if I DO eat rabbit some day I might just wear this for grins).

So there, some of my vintage store finds from Saturday. We didn't find furniture THAT day but we got some really quirky fun stuff for the house.
And yes, that's a Barbie.


Frank said...

I eat rabbit and it's good. That's why I had no problem with it. Besides, it's a "fur muff"-of course I want you to have it. I would like to borrow it soon if I may.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

I usually serve rabbit for Easter brunch. Because I think it's funny.

Frank said...

I want to come to your house for Easter!