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Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Circus McGirkus

The circus came to town and I have to admit, they went back to the old traditional ringed circus and it was SO much better than that modern musical drama-cirucs we saw a few years ago. That was the year Ringling decided to DO AWAY with the Rings.

Bleh, it was retarded.

This was retarded in the traditional "circus" way which was just fine with me. The clown jokes weren't funny, the tiger tamer was a joke - nothing like Gunther Gebel William who RULED, but - it was great.

The big boy got to try on some geniune circus folk clothes.

And the whole gang got some annoying whiz bang light up toys!

We feasted on circus food and enjoyed the very silly afternoon. I have decided that maximum circus entertainment is delivered to the 6 year old set, as the big boy practically BELLY laughed throughout most of the show.

I blinded my poor husband with the flash.


Frank said...

And it's holding an elephant butt too!

Anonymous said...

what does it mean to be retarded in the traditional circus way?
I just don't get people using the word retarded. it's so offensive and demeaning. couldn't you have come up with anything else? you left us with a slur that hurts others.

Gidge said...

Well obviously it's a use of the word in the traditional colloquialism that is embraced in the State - meaning it's goofy and stupid.
As the parent of two children who by definition "retarded" which simply means DELAYED, I truly would like you to know that you can suck me- no matter who you are.
My words, My blog. You don't like it, go somewhere else.
Oh and BTW - I record everyone's visit and their IP adress so I know who you are.