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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Best Snack Stop EVAH!

While out antique/vintage store shopping yesterday around the ATL, we stopped at a delicious bakery recommended by my friend Molly.

The Atlanta Cupcake Company pretty much rocks, as you can see.

A case of cupcakes in various delicious flavors (we had Chocolate/Chocolate which the boy is pointing to, sugar cookie latte and carrot cake - all were AMAZING) and when they're gone for the day then they are gone. So if you go, take some friends and a fork because these cupcakes are TALL too. (thats the carrot below and the sugar cookie latte with the coffee bean on top)

Deeeelicious. I can't wait to traipse down there again sometime soon. Next time we're going to get EL DIABLO which is a cupcake that is chocolate, with chocolate icing that has hot pepper in it, and cinnamon I THINK she said.

I have pics of our vintage shopping acquisitions, I will share later. Today it's storming/hailing/future snowing and we're looking for dining room chairs still. Despite all our shopping, we JUST didn't land on anything yet!