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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Got Head at the Cherry Blossom Festival

No Really. We did. See?

ANYHOO, it was supposed to be 71 and sunny and wouldn't ya know it, it was colder than flippin hell? I mean it was freeze your nads off "oh my god why are we outside we're going to die here" cold.

Ok it was like 47.

But that's COLD here dammit.

We ran the gauntlet of the little shops snapping up those must have items such as the concrete head above (ooooo, baby, it's really really hard.......hahahaha sorry cracking myself up).

And we picked up the requisite festival silly stuff, such as fudge and nick-nacks. You gotta have them, and where else would we GET these things if not for festivals?

Ok I seriously love the welded metal snail. It rocks. It came with it's own real spider. I'm not sure if they are friends or what's up with those two. The fudge however, was complete shite and it's difficult for me to convey HOW messed up it was. It just wasn't proper fudge, in any way shape or form. Rather it was squares of flavored candy product.

We ate the requisite foods on sticks, and other random festival foods. How cold was it? See those nachos? That cheese was ice cold before we sat down. ICK. Also it was cheddar cheese food - NOT even proper fake nacho cheese. Double ick.

You know it's nasty when the kid says "I don't want any more" after a few bites.

But despite the gloom of the day and the nard freezing weather.........it was a fun kick off to FESTIVAL SEASON! I can't wait! A full summer of buying pots of jam and crafts made by fine christian women.

I'm ready, Georgia.

Bring it!


Frank said...

Why is it I can only ever get a little head? I never get Easter Island-sized head! And I'm glad your nads froze off-I was starting to question my sexuality.

rabidxdisease said...

well i am sure you had more fun than me trying to put in my flooring. i too am ready to all the festivals to begin! i am a habitual collector of junk!