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Monday, September 21, 2009

Where On Earth Is The Sun, Anyway?

So I don't wanna say that we had a lot of rain, here in the ATL ......but that is Monday afternoon rush hour.
They say we got as much as 20 inches from Friday to Monday - with 12 inches falling over Sunday night. It was fairly spectacular, in a "Oh hell what now" sort of way. Most people I know were ok but their routes home were drastically affected, as roadways washed away and others were closed due to bridges being unsafe etc.
I'm fortunate to live on high ground, and while we did have to drain an insane amount of water from the pool (even then it overflowed Sunday night) and we had a bit of a raging river down our street for a while........we're ok.
The earth is soggy, and more rain is coming which is bad. We aren't supposed to see sunshine until Monday, which is also bad. But we're ok at my house.

So we'll wait, and see what mother nature brings us next. I'm not excited, based on the grey skies I see.