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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pumpkin Update

So while I was laid up in the bed, the boy and his Dad planted the pumpkins. My poor husband had to dig up the hard Georgia clay with a spade because we don't have a rototiller.

Despite his usual dislike of bugginess, the big boy had a pretty good time planting.

Here you see the careful placement of one of our beloved pumpkins. I haven't been out to the patch since we put them in the ground, I crawled out of bed long enough to witness one of them being placed which was kind of exciting even if we're not pumpkin experts exactly.

The boy is pretty excited regardless.

I am told that we have a few remaining (we planted several that day). I haven't trekked out to our pumpkin patch to see how we're doing as of yet.

In other great farming news - remember the orange seeds we germinated at the same time?

The husband tells me we have two.

Good grief, we're farmers.


Emma said...

I'll bring a cow right over and you can have fresh milk with your pumpkin pies. :) Farmers, in Buford! It's the end of times.

Lily Karlsbar said...

how is the pregnancy going??? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)