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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Scenes from Before Mommy Went on Bedrest

I'm feeling good enough today to be up for a little while. No lie, about 5am my body went GET OUT OF BED NOW OR I'LL KILL YOU. I got up, watched some ZARDOZ which is always sleep inducing and made myself some chocolate milke, which, frankly, felt like sin because I didn't have little hands crawling all over me trying to jack it.
I made it extra chocolately just because I could.

I'm know, I'm a rebel.

Don't worry I won't let all that free time alone go to my head.

Anyway - back before I was confined to the land of bed, we went last weekend to the Aquarium - the Georgia Aquarium. It's so beautiful and mesmerizing (in addition to being the largest aquarium in the world) that I think anyone who visits me and doesn't go there, gets a boot to the head.

WHALE SHARK! This is a Whale Shark. They are amazing. You can't fathom how big the tank is that they are in, until one swims by you and you're just awestruck at their size - they are truly these graceful giants.
Petting sharks and rays isn't all that revolutionary but it's still fascinating.

We got the aquarium earlier than usual (we're passholders and usually roll in later in the day just to putz around for an hour or two) and spent lots of time in the touchy feely small fishy section for the kids. It is rather interesting - all these small creatures up close and personal.

As you can see, The Birth of Cool is not at all concerned about the shark swimming by him. As a matter of fact, he thinks it's a riot. This is a large bubble where the kids can climb out and actually be IN the tank a bit - the BIG TANK. It kind of makes me woozy looking into it.

They have added a new ray or two into the BIG tank. For some perspective as to it's size.....

Here is it sailing past Lil Satchmo.
My favorite section besidtes the BIG tank, is the Artic section where they have Beluga whales.
I think that they are amazing, it's so relaxing to watch them play - they are one of the most graceful creatures I've ever seen. I'd like to have a cup of coffee and a comfy seat and just sit and watch them for hours.

They have a giant dead squid which the big boy thinks is hilarious. He thinks it would be better if it were a live one.
Now - those Belugas.......


Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, ok, you got me. I am pretty much a "you've seen one aquarium, you've seen them all" person. And the one in New Orleans is not bad. But I will check out he Georgia Aquarium when next in Hotlanta. I promise!

Great pics, and interesting post.