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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Freakishly Wet In Atlanta

So it's freakishly wet here. I went out into the backyard and it's soggy, literally - like walking on a soggy muddy sponge. I truly don't understand why it's rained for two weeks and is going to rain for another week - HOW can this be happening? I mean, I don't live in the subtropics with a nice big ocean for this to drain in to.
This rain has no where to go.

There is going to be another 3-6 inches overnight.

I remember when we first moved to Florida, I'd freak out when they'd say we had 6 inches of rain. They I'd realize it all ran off into the ocean, no big whup. But here?

We're flooding.

I personally am not. I live on one of (the seller of the house said the highest but I believe that to be untrue) the highest points in my county. I feel bad for at the end of my street - however. It dips sharply down - and there is A CREEK down there which I imagine to be over it's banks and then some by now.

So much rain has been great for the pumpkins, and the roses. But I wonder at what point is it troublesome for us all?


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