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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tractor Days!

I'm not sure what tractors have to do with trains, but the Southeastern Rail Museum held Tractor Days a few weeks ago and it was basically as much fun as little boys could have without their being puppies and candy involved too.

There were tractors of all shape and size and it was a fine game to watch them climb up them, if not heart stopping. WHEN did they get so agile? The Birth of Cool HAS no fear, he can climb up any tractor to get to the seat - it's mind boggling.

They had old school tractors and fancy tractors with AC and lotsa modern comforts as well. I think we all know though, that only real tractors are green. Those other colors - well, I don't know what those machines are. (insert grin).

They also had a UPS truck. I suppose UPS was a sponsor or something, because it was bizarrely out of place.

The kids to to climb on it and in it and honk the horn (hilarious - the husband says WHO IS MAKING THAT TERRIBLE NOISE? I said OUR KIDS HONKING THE HORN)
There were also tractor rides, and I felt bad that my little guys couldn't go but I wasn't comfortable letting them - they don't perceive danger well enough to remain safe in that seat and frankly, I can see either of them ending up under that tractor wheel. I just couldn't deal with it.

That's a weird thing that other people don't have to think much about, after a certain age. "Will my child plunge to his death because he has no sense of fear?"
Sigh, mine will (the twins). They don't get it. It makes them bold and strong but it also makes them reckless and prone to get hurt. It's like constantly guarding a baby.

Did I mention that there were trains?


Anonymous said...

Wow, trains, tractors, AND a dinosaur t-shirt? Sounds like a perfect day for young boys. :) Glad y'all had a good time.