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Friday, September 19, 2008

A Return to The Fold

I always thought that with the scads of alcoholic, pill popper and various other drug abuse DNA coursing through my veins that I got off rather LIGHTLY with only an outrageous coffee addiction monkey on my back. I've always rather worried, that if I GAVE UP that particular devil, that this DNA might start then searching for it's new addiction in order to fulfill it's role on the old Watson Crick Helix.
But, it seems, at least so far, no such demon has arisen. I've moved from the Barbie Doll style coffee of General Foods International Coffees to Maxwell House Half Calf, adding 1/3 of a the cup as creamer and I seem straight.
I've apparently found exactly the right way to cut my own personal cocaine.

And, it's sort of OK actually. I'm rocking enough creamer to really invalidate it as a "serious coffee drinkers coffee" but still, the caffeine headaches and irritability stay at bay - plus I don't feel like I'm stroking out after the first cup.
These SEEMS like a viable compromise. Plus, the GFIC is really too expensive for a long term solution. Good grief. I can't imagine the 30 bucks a week or whatever I've be blowing on that stuff. Do you know what GOOD coffee I could've bought with such funds? It boggles the mind.

So, I'm back on the horse, got a smaller monkey, or maybe it's only a lemur this time - on my back.

I have to admit, I feel a bit more NORMAL now. Phew - that was close!