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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Step Forward.....Two Steps Back

Well looks like the twits at Heelarious are really not into making sure that forward progress re: women's sense of beauty is made. In fact, they have decided to go the other way.
These jacks are making HIGH HEELS for babies.
Yeah you heard me. Babies. It's completely offensive. Granted the heels are soft, they're not meant to be walked on but - just as it's inappropriate to put THONGS on 6 year olds this too is really just beyond the pale.
What am I saying to a crawling baby? "You better work that ass girl! Here, wear some heels, make the boys notice you!" How ridiculous.
First of all, WHAT are we supposed to put on the feet of babies who are not walking? WHAT do the doctors recommend?
They recommend you put nothing but SOCKS on these days or very soft shoes.
I do not think that they would recommend putting faux heels on them, even if they do fall under the category of SOFT as that heel is a big cumbersome bit on the back.
This product is essentially sexualizing babies - high heels are designed to accent the curve of your calf and - let's face it - your ass. We walk differently, we stand differently in heels.

The creators of this product seem to think that it's cute and funny.

I wonder how cute and funny it'll seem when these things show up in videos made by perverts?

I'm disgusted, thoroughly. Children should be children. Whoring up your little girls is wrong and you aren't paying attention if you don't even know you're doing it. Wake up Heelarious - your product is catering to a clientele I'm not sure you even know exist.

But they are out there. And those sick fucks are probably delighted to see this product on the market.

I quote the Queen of Soul when I say ....."You Bettah THINK."