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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ellen Degeneres Just Rocked The Fashion World

Sure it's only COVER GIRL and their makeup is shite. But still, it's a major fashion flip - they took someone mature, with a real brain, with real unique style and beauty and made her a COVER GIRL?

I'm thrilled- I'm delighted.

I seriously almost CRIED I was so touched.

What does it really mean when they choose someone not 19 years old, not beach blonde Hottie McHot to represent? It means that Cover Girl got a clue that the world is changing. That we no longer buy into the Abercrombie and Fitch stereotype of beauty (don't get me started on those jacks). It means so many things about the world - it's bigger than them choosing Queen Latifah because let's face it, using "larger" women to model this or that has become a bit of a fashion. They chose Ellen, who can be as plain and down to earth as anyone......yet she's just as lovely as can be.

I think it's ironic and fascinating that, in my opinion, Ellen Degeneres just married one of the most beautiful women in the world, and now SHE is going to be the new CoverGirl

The world is changing in a good way. Small things like this can be the beginning of tidal waves that shift the entire way cultures think.

Good For You Ellen.

Now don't wear their foundation - It'll Give You Zits.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I totally agree with pretty much everything you just said.

Anonymous said...

I have always loved ellen.

Anonymous said...

So you agree when she states in the Covergirl ad that "inner beauty is important, but not nearly as important as outer beauty" I think that is the worse thing that has ever been uttered out of Ellen's mouth, infact out of any woman's mouth. I can't believe that an intelligent woman would say such a thing, but there again it's amazing what a six figure pay cheque can get out of person.