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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The One Where The Whole Family Gets It

So two days of sweating, shivering, curling up in the fetal position, fainting and vomitting later I remember that we filled a prescription of levaquin - which the husband promptly fetches in the afternoon and delivers to me. My tonsils are the size of beer cans and my lymph nodes are bigger than that - I'm certain.
I wake up at midnight......and this is how you know you've been too sick.
I can't figure out what is wrong, until it occurs to me that I can swallow. And my throat doesn't hurt.
We troop downstairs and I eat much food and watch an I Love Lucy the husband recorded for me.
The next morning........I am reborn. I don't feel good but I feel so much better you wouldn't know it.
Except now......everyone else is sick.

One trip to the ER later, it's STREP. And amoxicillin all around.

So now I'm up and around, big boy missed one day of school but everyone seems better. We had THE BEST doctor in the ER, he had 4 kids himself so we didn't even phase him with our crew.

As a parting gift......a pic from days ago, before we all got sick. As you can see, we're working on another Christian Rock Album using Eric Cartman's Rules.

Thank you to my husband who was absolutely an angel - and my knight in shining armour the last week. He literally picked me up and took care of me - over and over and over.


moondogg33333 said...

This pic looks to much like a band cover album... We will not have a preteen bother band out there