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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Okay, so a long time ago I bragged endlessly to the Queen about my bad-ass cookies. And her royal decree (okay, request) was to have some of these marvelous delights for when she had her surgery - a treat for recovery. Life has been a little up and down for me lately (as many of your know), but I hadn't forgotten and truly - I like to share these cookies. They are the bomb. They are the kind of secret recipe that you don't share, and people who say "I really don't like sweets" will look you in the eye after one bite and say "Man that really IS a good cookie."

So I was working up a "The Cookies are are on the way oh Queen" sort of post......when I realized I had botched up the icing.

Here is where we are at present:

First, I taunt you with the recipe.......which I might share actually if asked but I like to claim I will NEVER EVER SHARE - as it was given to me by Mrs Marian Davis of Franklin Indiana and I don't want to get my ass kicked by a 90+ year old woman. She's a tough old broad, and she was the original maker of these masterpieces in my youth.

There it is! Okay you can't see it, and no, there is no Bacardi in it. My kitchen is sort of small. A lot of stuff is crammed together on the counter.

Second, we have the assembly process. I brought in one of the best cookie assembly artists on the Suncoast.

And to make sure that these cookies are loaded with lots of healing power and a little sarcasm - as requested, I used my CHURCH shaped cookie cutter. Yeah, you might ask yourself - who in their right mind owns a CHURCH shaped cookie cutter? LEAVE ME ALONE. ME! I am the type of person that owns a CHURCH SHAPED COOKIE CUTTER! It was part of a set of Easter Cookie Cutters from my Aunt Suzie you just LEAVE ME ALONE. HEATHENS.

And then we get to the part I've biffed up. You see, I make some awesome icing. It's buttercream. But, I don't have a recipe. I just sort add this, and that, and the other thing, until the consistency and taste is correct. And if I don't have a pretty large supply of all ingredients.......well..........hmph.
Right now, in my fridge is the beginning of the icing for her cookies.
It's a bit like icing soup, as I ran out of powdered sugar. I'll fix it tomorrow and ship the cookies off for a speedy delivery to her Royal Recovery effort.
Every time I try to bake for someone else, I biff it up. I think it's because I get nervous, and then I make mistakes.

Regardless, part two should be tomorrow - the icing and the shipping. And if you'd like the worlds best SOUR CREAM COOKIE recipe.....let me know. I will probably give it to you. This cookie should be shared and loved by everyone.


Tim said...

Bring on the cookie recipe!!

Alison said...

Is there rum in them there cookies? Or is that for the chef to chug when she messes up the frosting?

Becky said...

Rum cookies? Did someone say rum cookies?

Devra said...

Can Baptists have church shaped rum cookies? just curious.

Gidge said...

They're not RUM!
They're made with sour cream and love.
Lotsa very very dirty love.

And Tim, if you want the recipe, you better break out your Roselyn's cookbook and give us that Neopolitan recipe. We want the one without all the Rat Feces....though.