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Monday, January 01, 2007

Ringing In the New Year - Mommy Style

My good friends up at the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE were throwing a fine bash for New Years Eve, complete with the option of spending the night. There would be a bonfire, lotsa beverages and music and a generally fine social evening had by all. But it didn't feel right, bringing in the New Year without my family - and even though everyone is WELCOME at their house, I'm not the kind of parent who brings two year olds to an adult party.
So we stayed home and partied like parents. Some of the activities we engaged in to ring in the New Year included......

And just to make you jealous we did a little of this.

That's right. We know how to party.

If you are wondering, yes I have New Years Resolutions.
And now I will bore you with them.

1. I will lose weight. I'm going back on WW even if we can't get an AT WORK meeting going. I'm also going to keep track of my weight on Traineo.com because it's free vs. the WW site which is not.
2. I will work out three times a week. I will return to following my leader Billy Blanks despite how crazy he talks on his DVDs.
3. I will complete my childrens baby books. I had a great start on Little Satchmo's when he was a baby but then after a while I just lost the thread. And while I obtained TWIN baby books for the twins, I never even filled them out. SHAME ON ME.
4. I will take all the freaking clothes I can't wear, won't wear, or HATE and will take them to GOODWILL rather than hanging on to them for no apparent reason (current mode of operation).

Lofty Goals.....indeed.


Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year! I'm serious about being your WW weight loss buddy. I have an Online membership, so if you want me to calculate recipe points or anything, feel free to ask. I'm not familiar with Traineo.com, but when my membership expires I was planning on continuing with SparkPeople.com. I will NOT BE FAT ANY MORE.

Also, we got a YMCA membership for Christmas, so I'll be working out too. I will NOT BE SOFT AND JIGGLY ANY MORE.

I haven't even attempted baby books, but I'm with you on number 4 as well. I need to completely clean out all the closets and the boxes in the basement and get rid of tons of clutter. Let's kick 2007's ASS, baby.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I haven't even considered baby books. Can't they just read my blog?

lumpyheadsmom said...

No, no shame on you. You're too busy living life with your kids to document it in baby books, there's no reason to be ashamed of that.