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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kitchen Cosmetology

Back in the day, Mrs Repressed and I used to make a mean margarita and then break out her Grandma Jean's perm box and give each other some wicked 80s hair with a Toni Silkwave. It's one of those bonding things women do. We do each other's hair. Because if you let someone do your hair, you trust them. It's a sign that you've crossed that line from just good friends - you are willing to allow another person to potentially COMPLETELY jack up the way you look. And, you allow them to DRINK while handling dangerous chemicals around your head. This, my male friends and readers, is how women express love and friendship. By putting chemicals on each others heads.
So you know Nikki and I are truly bestest friends, as yesterday we did THIS to one another.

But the madness didn't stop there! OH NO people. Because then I did THIS AND THIS to her. And she wanted me to! The bottom is black, and then I put blonde as hell highlights over the top of that whole red business she has going on. She's very colorful now!

I guess I'm going to have to produce some "AFTER" pictures so you can see that we don't look like Haggis McBaggis. We both turned out quite well. And, we're still friends.