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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sometimes, it's the Mommy Stuff that Gets Me

When we first moved to FLA one of my favorite things we encountered were the remarkable malls for shopping. Seriously, we have some nice malls. Our "Family" mall is nice, and then there's the better mall - which is really cool and hip, and then there is the REALLY REALLY REALLY nice Mall which is just extraordinary. All in all, we have some badass shopping in this area and as one who was quite a shopper in the pre-kid days, it still makes me salivate a bit.

I'm not stranger to a nice shopping facility, however. It's not as though I shopped in a pumpkin patch my whole life......far from it. I grew up enjoying the comforts of a SIMON MANAGED mall. Been shopping at the FORUM at Caesar's in Vegas? That's a Simon Mall. They're very nice.

However, I've become acquainted with the WESTFIELD SHOPPING TOWN concept here. I was impressed when we first moved here by the "FAMILY FACILITY" they boasted. Private family restrooms with little toilets in them alongside BIG toilets. Microwaves. Private changing rooms that were also available for nursing mothers, that featured TVs showing childrens shows, and had stocked wipe warmers in them. Very, very nice. Surprisingly so. Westfield Shoppingtown was saying "We know you have babies, come shop here, we'll make it easier."

And so we did.

Recently, our Westfied Shopping Town Mall remodeled it's "Family Facility".

Are you ready?

I mean, oh my LORD how nice is this? This is the FAMILY FACILITY! Comfy chairs for breast feeding. Toys and activity tables for your little ones while you deal with your littler ones. How about this? There is a whole WALL of these changing areas.

Each changing area has a depression in the counter for the changing a area (a little small for BIG babies like my two year olds), a stocked wipe warmer, a bottle warmer, handsoap and disinfectant gel as well. Plus there is a microwave and a restroom for bigger little people to use with their parents. Westfield Shopping Town, thanks for being so family friendly. This family appreciates you very much!


Izzy said...

Dude! Which mall is that?

Karly said...

If, for some inexplicable reason, I become homeless, I'm totally moving into that mall. Are the Westfield malls in Chicago or St. Louis? I know I've been to one, but I don't remember the big fancy family area.

Christina said...

That is amazing! I've never seen a mall cater to parents like that! If only we could get a few of those malls in my area...