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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And they're OFF

The cookies have left the building.
I spent a lot of time online reading about how to ship cookies, consulting random websites that came up on Blingo (and why aren't YOU signed up on BLINGO? You KNOW Sarah and the Queen won iPods - right?)

Anyway, I consulted random sites, I consulted Martha - and what I learned, is that you aren't supposed to SHIP iced cookies. Which are what I made. So I wrapped them in wax paper. Then I put them in ziplocs. Then I put them in aluminum cake pans. Then I put them in a box surrounded by that egg crate foam you use on mattresses.

Let us pray.

Seriously, I don't have a lot of hope. I'm really really really counting on cold weather to keep them intact and iced on the trip out.

I have sent the Kaiser an email, informing him of the predicament the cookies are in. It is my advice that if they arrive in a giant lump of cookie and icing, to break out a fork. I'm about 90% sure they'll still taste delicious - even if they aren't pretty anymore.

But really, how pretty were powder blue church shaped cookies to start with?


Becky said...

May the cookie gods look down upon your packaged goodies with favor.

QofS said...

Will it scare you to know they still are NOT here???