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Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Week Of Friends!

It's pretty cool when you get to see people you really like on a regular basis. We used to see the people we liked at school. Go to school, your friends are there. Work can be like that but I have the added caveat of being the boss.......so it's tougher. There are some friends there, but I can't roll up in there going "OH MAN I GOT SO PLASTERED LAST NIGHT LISTEN TO WHAT I DID" ....you know, a little decorum is required. I have to at least whisper if I'm telling that story.
But I have friends who I don't work with that I love to see. One of them flew in on a jet plane and made time in his busy tittybar/convention - trade show thing schedule......and it was wonderful to see you. I miss you! You are still my favorite Kentuckian. I think next time you come we have to migrate someplace near the water for visiting......after all, you are in Florida, you would probably like to see the ocean, eh? I think I take it for granted too much - so sorry.
This weekend I'm doing a big river tubing adventure with my local friends. Four hours floating down a river on a big tube.
Being the WHITEST person in Florida I'm expecting to burst into flame about 30 minutes into the thing. Any stories of spontaneous human combustion in Florida are probably relating to me.
Okay it's midnight. I have to get up at 6am. I haven't packed. I haven't gotten my shit together. I should probably get off of here and get jiggy with it.