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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Coffee Pots and Hand Me Downs

First off - someone hit my blog by googling "Celine Dion crying about her son."
Ummmm, what? I feel fairly certain I have NEVER blogged anything about Celine Dion, although I will confess that she does have some song about her son that makes me cry, probably because it makes me think about how happy I was to be pregnant after having been infertile for five years......REGARDLESS.......I'm not a fan so that confuses me terribly.

But I digress.
So today I have just two things to share.
One - I have a cheap ass coffee pot. It's a SUNBEAM WalMart Special that cost me about 7.88 probably five years ago (I have the matching toaster, ROCK). It is SO cheap that it doesn't have a LIGHTED on off switch, and the letters have long since rubbed off, so I'm never completely SURE which way on or off is. We leave it unplugged for this reason. So to make coffee, I plug it in, fill it up, load up the coffee and flip the switch. If it doesn't do anything for a while, I flip it the other way. This usually works just fine. But this morning, nursing a very slight beer headache (I only had two, but they were BIG) from the Reggae Sun Splash (the traveling version of course) I was stumped.
I plugged it in. I flipped the switch. Nothing happened. I SWEAR I flipped the switch again. I unplugged it and plugged it into the other outlet. Nothing. I flipped the switch again. Nothing. Then it occurred to me. That last time I had flipped it twice. On/Off - it seems. I pressed the switch. And waited. And waited. And suddenly little Satchmo cries out "THERE IT GOES!" Oh bless heavan.
Coffee. You'd think someone who works for a gourmet coffee company would bother to pick up a decent coffee pot...........alas.....

Next subject.....
Hand Me downs. When I grew up, I was the first grandchild on both sides and the oldest kid (pretty much) of all of my parents friends. I didn't GET hand me downs, I gave them. I would actually get sort of annoyed sometimes when some people would see my new clothes and say "oooo I can't wait to GET THIS!"...it would make me mad. Very childish, but then, I was a child.
I always sort of had a negative vibe about hand me downs, I don't know why. I'm not too good for them. Just something about them...they seemed grubby. Until I had kids.
When I put either of the little ones in something my big guy used to wear.......my heart swells. I remember him in it. I remember somewhere we went, something we did. If it was a special outfit - how I saved it back for that special day so that it didn't get stained or messed up. Today I put the Little Birth of Cool in this Clifford shirt and shorts that my oldest wore to Andy's second birthday party, because it was a Clifford Theme. Jammies that I remember putting on and snuggly him close, I put them on the little guys and seriously it makes me teary.
I love hand me downs.