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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I was a crackwhore who used to drink blood by the light of the moon until Parentopia showed me the light.

Okay, that's a lie. I was never a crackwhore.

But Parentopia is looking for a slogan so if you are witty or otherwise inclined, please stop over there to share what your ideas are. There are prizes!!

That's RIGHT people, I SAID PRIZES! Get on it!!

I strongly encourage slogans that rhyme. I feel certain they like rhymes over there.


Tim said...

So, you used to drink blood by the light of the moon?

OddMix said...

I was going to ask that, but Tim beat me to it.

Frank said...

Technically, she drank blood by the reflection of light on the moon as the moon itself produces no light. Also, goat blood is more yummy than sheep blood but more salty than moose blood. (not that anyone asked, just thought I'd share)

Gidge said...

Okay I was probably kidding about the drinking blood thing too.
But I bet NOBODY ever pimped Parentopia under crackwhore and bloodrinker auspices!
I'm the FIRST!

Frank said...

I only married her because she WOULDN'T take crack in exchange for the things she did. She's a real lady, she is.

Queen of Spain said...

Somehow I get the feeling Devra may drink some blood. I mean, she can absolve all guilt. That has to come with some evil doing, right?

Gidge said...

I think you're right Erin. I mean, NO ONE Is that perky and upbeat without a little help from the underworld.

Devra said...

Two words; Bloody Mary. That would explain the "perky and upbeat"as well as the redness on my lips, right?