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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love Thursdays - Brotherly Love

This is the big brother protecting his little brother from something on the TV. Since we never have on anything more hardcore than Thomas I can't imagine what it was.
But he loves his brothers. When I was pregnant he would proudly tell everyone "We're having two babies!" like it was the best news ever.
He puts his arms around them when they cry and says "Oh it's okay buddy, don't cry."

He loves them so.

Did you participate in LOVE THURSDAY?


Elizabeth said...

He calls them buddy? Awwwww!!!! How old are your boys?

Gidge said...

3 and two (two x two)!

april said...

I remember loving both of my brothers like that. I love them that way now, but there was a time that i wanted to be an only child....LOL!!! I hope that he holds onto the love...or at least doesn't lose sight of it.
When I was younger, I would beat the hell outta both of my brothers, but if they come home talking about anyone else picking on them, big sister went looking for the bully that was bothering them. I'm still that way. I have to protect them...lol. Louis is a great big brother.