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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Son of A.......

Ernesto is coming to dinner it seems.



My friend David used to work in a salon run by a very high maintenance queen called Ernesto - who was possibly the queeniest queen of all. Ernesto was from Cuba and his accent was like something created by a cartoonist. If you took Ricky Ricardo and cranked up the accent to the power of 10, plus add a weird speech impediment that causes you to drop certain letters at random times...you'd have it. There were just the two of them in the salon, and the voice mail was Ernesto's message. "Thank you for calling Erneto (he couldn't say the S in his own name). I am currently wit a client. Pleeeze leave a mettage and I will call you back, dahling. Have a beautiful and gloriuz day."
Ernesto had a lover named ummmmm, oh what was it.....Arthur? I just remembered he called him "precious." He would get off the phone and say, with a MAD grin "I call him Precious because that's what he is." The alternative lifestyle world's very own Smeagle, was Ernesto. I don't know what happened to him.
And now he's sent a hurricane to kick my ass for mocking his accent, hasn't he?


april said...

LMAO!!! I didn't think that anyone ever really spoke with that accent. I thought that it was Hollyweird made up. Good luck with Ernesto!! Hope that he's a nice dinner guest. At least you don't have to stcok up on formula now.

Laura said...

His lover's name was Douglas (Doooglas, Dahling), and he did indeed call him "Precious". Too funny. I was thinking about Erneto too when I heard the news about the hurricane.

Gidge said...

DOOGLAS! AH God yes that's it. DOOGLAS.
Oh god How Could I forget DOOOGLAS?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You guys can evacuate up here.