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Friday, August 04, 2006


You know, it was a quiet evening until I received this from Kristine. Oh yes, I was just MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS........but well, some of you know. Because shortly after I got this, Samuel L. Jackson started calling and emailing my friends.
I certainly hope he calls you and some of your friends.

I think that this movie will now be a wild success because of their silly internet marketing gimmick. I know me and some of my friends are now going.....because well, we don't want to piss off Sam.

Only one friend hasn't confirmed for me that he received this phone call from Sam Jackson and Scott H from Lexington you know you got one.......you're just too cool to call me back about it, aren't you? I seriously spent like an hour sending that thing off to people.

I was absolutely slaying myself sending it off.

If you need to release some tension.........send that bad boy out to a few people.
It's good times.


OddMix said...

Did you send one to Sarah? Did she freak out?

Gidge said...

I totally sent one to Sarah, to her cell phone. She was till cracking up when she called me...