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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why Sharknado Was Brilliant and Hollywood Sucks

Hollywood largely ran out of ideas about ten years ago. It might've been longer than that, but I had kids and my memory is wonky. If they remake one more movie I swear God is going to kill a kitten. DID YOU HEAR ME HOLLYWOOD? THINK OF THE KITTENS!!!

Why is Sharknado awesome? It's awesome because it's RIDICULOUS. It's camp in the best sort of way, horror of the likes of the BLOB is going to kill you. Can you see the concept meeting for this? We need a natural disaster movie, but it needs to have a twist. It's been a while since TWISTER came out, how could we freshen that up? Add tidal waves? OH OH OH! I know! SHARKS!! SHARKS WILL GET SUCKED UP INTO THE TORNADO! 

Then, play the whole thing straight. 

It was hilariously predictable. The deaths were comic and exaggerated. The sharks ROARED (clearly they borrowed this from the TWISTER part of their plot development as that tornado also had a lion roar).  I think we laughed all the way through it. 

I also learned that much to my delight, my son is a "laugh because Martin got shot in the face" sort of person vs a "recoil in horror because Martin got shot in the face" sort of person. (See PULP FICTION for that reference.) 

I drank my coffee and the two of us snuggled on the sofa early this AM and laughed hysterically through the entire thing. 

It was brilliant. It was ridiculous. The acting was TERRIBLE in the best and worst way, alternately. It was new and different and stupid and fun and joyous and POINTLESS.

Isn't that the idea of movies? Suspend your disbelief, escape into fantasy and fiction and just go along for the ride? It can be sad or happy or terrifying or mysterious, or as with Sharknado - it can just stand on it's own for consumption and the glee of those who enjoy a bit of silly.

I need more Sharknado, Hollywood. TRY HARDER.