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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thwarted Plans Turned Adventure

We planned our Saturday meticulously. We were going to a special screening of DESPICABLE ME 2 for special needs families. We'd packed the diaper backpack (the husband did) and I got up extra early and got myself ready, staged breakfast and woke the kids up early and we were OFF and made it to the theater before the movie started.
My phone buzzed in the parking lot, and I glanced at it to see a message from the Autism group, the movie was sold out. Something had gone wrong, they'd advertised the showing - it wasn't private. Another message came through, the manager apologized and opened another theater.
We rushed inside and got in line - SOLD OUT. Turns out they were just letting regular non-special needs folks in both theaters and we didn't make it. Four children stared at us blankly as we strolled out, like what are we doing? Why aren't we going in?

We were heartbroken.

We went to take care of something timely, signing Julia up for soccer and the twins up for special needs soccer and then pondered what to do with out time. We were up and awake. Where to go?

First, we decided lunch was in order and went down to the REXALL GRILL.
It's an old school diner attached to a drug store and a fun place to start our jumbled day.
Louis highly recommend the coconut cake. Julia ate, umm, nothing. Apparently "not liking anything anymore" was on the menu with her. 
After lunch we decided to check out a local park that had a farm on it, like a working 1800s farm. Of course, it wasn't working, it was closed. Perfect. 
So, we set out for a short walk. 
I had dressed to go to the movies. I just got a pedicure two days ago, so I wore sandals, and jeans because we were going to be indoors in the AC. I had not dressed to hike. Suddenly, we were hiking.
You can take all my bitching about this as rote. I actually LOVE taking nature walks, when I am not wearing non-walking friendly sandals. However by the time we were done my hips and feet were screaming and I'm still suffering a bit today I have to admit. But there were good things, like the gorgeous runoff creatively made into a waterfall.

We also engaged in one of our old family activities, mushroom hunting. We love to spot the various kinds and were delighted to find these orange ones. I don't know what they are, but they are so gorgeous.
And even though I wasn't happy to be on such a long walk, it was hard not to stop for snaps of such gorgeous flowers. A bee stopped by and was the perfect addition to this shot.

We ended our day with a pizza buffet and arcade games. I think our kids were never so glad to get home and get into bed after such a long day.

And THAT, is how we turn a ruined day into adventure. 

My feet still hurt though.