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Monday, July 08, 2013

And Just Like That She's Not A Baby

Obviously she hasn't been a baby in oh, about two years. But this past weekend, one of those childhood milestones made my heart go thud.
We got rid of her high chair. 
Now, she hasn't been using it other than as a chair for a long time. It's been pulled up to the table with the rest of the chairs but she's so tall it really didn't even serve a purpose anymore. So when the husband asked if we could go ahead and donate it and let her have a big girl chair, I didn't hesitate.
But then I saw that high chair, sitting empty in the corner.
I don't want any more babies really, honestly. I don't want to be pregnant, or go through labor and childbirth again. Three times of doing that was truly plenty for me. 
But that damn empty high chair gave my hormones a jerk so hard you wouldn't believe it.
I guess that's just nature.