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Friday, July 05, 2013

What Comes After Pullups?

This question is plaguing me. It seems like something I don't want to know. I also didn't want to know how special education works, or the short bus, or what autism was about. As those things weren't an option, so too is the looming of specter or WHAT IS NEXT?

We're trying to potty train. But we're also potty training THREE. The girl child is probably doing best and will progress into those fancy princess panties sooner rather than later.

The boys though, still struggle. The annoying part is, Miles definitely gets it. I'm not sure he CARES enough. But I feel like some how, it's possible with Miles. Miles can read, and Miles seems to understand more concepts than Charlie. Miles does real schoolwork for gods sake. And he USES the potty pretty regularly at school so I feel like, he can do this.

But then there is Charlie. First of all, they're 9. They are 9 in size 4/5 pullups. The past three days it seemed like every time Charlie peed he wet through. EVERY SINGLE TIME. We went through 8 pair of shorts in one day. Obviously, the size is an issue. So what's next?

Are Depends next? Is there something in between? I don't really know. God I don't WANT to know, but my poor Charlie, he just doesn't seem to understand. He knows what you do in the potty but, he'll also pee on the floor next to the potty with no hesitation. I'm not sure what to think about the future of the potty and him.

There is this part of me that believes I will be changing diapers for the rest of my life. I have to admit, it seems like that is my future.

God I hope not.