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Thursday, July 11, 2013

130 Dollar Pillows

I learned once that nice sheets really do make a difference. I didn't know this. I was a cheapie 250 thread count girl in my twenties because EH sheets are sheets. NO. Sheets are not sheets. Cheap sheets are cheap sheets and NICE sheets are nice sheets.

I learned my thread count tolerance is 400 and if I have less than that, I'm like the princess and the pea. It's definitely a #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM but I don't even care.

This week we had to buy a twin bed for Louis. He was sleeping in the top bunk bed which had no box spring and he's a great big guy going into fifth grade this year so we figured he really needed a good supportive bed. While we were picking out his mattress my husband spied these PILLOWS.

They were expensive as hell. Again, I'm all about FUNCTION and so we've always bought more reasonably priced pillows that worked. However, we've both also slept on two pillows for 15 years. 
That seemed like a lot of money for pillows to me. However, the husband has very painful arthritis and trouble sleeping so, I'm all for anything that helps. So we bought them.

First of all they're heavy. I'd say more than five pounds. At least more than you'd expect from a pillow. They are "weird squishy" because they are memory foam. They also have a layer of "cooling" gel on the top which is purple and feels very odd. It is, however, QUITE cool to the touch. It comes with a  protective sleeve and then your pillow case goes over that.

My first night, the first thing I realized was I didn't need my second pillow, so onto the floor it went. 

Then I settled into the thing. It was like this in my mind
  • This is weird
  • Odd,squishy
  • Smooshy, strange too hard
  • I'm sinking
  • Oooooo this is niiiiiiiiiiiiiice
I slept like a divine princess and couldn't wait to lay back down on them tonight. They are the most comforting, comfortable, and amazing pillows I've ever used.

Of course, my husband hates them.

As my old German teacher used to say - typisch !