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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sleeping Alone

I don't sleep alone. I know I've talked about it. I like sleeping alone but I also know that the number of days my children will ever want to sleep with me as my little snugglebunnies are limited. So I'm selfish about them.

Last night the girl child made a decision. We were snuggling and having kissy goodnights in my bed when she says "I have a Princess bed." I responded "Yes you do. Do you want to sleep in it?"

She said she did and got up and ran over to her bed, at the foot of my bed, and got into it.

I lay in bed for several minutes waiting for her to come to bed.
When she came to my bed, it was because she'd had a bad dream, hours later.

She fell asleep without me. I'm crushed and thrilled. 

I woke up at 3:30 to find my husband moving her to her own bed, and realized that the big boy had come to my bed at some point because the twins were singing and making a ton of noise.

I think I'm tired today, from laying there, waiting for her to come back. But if I'm doing it right, obviously, most of the time she won't.