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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Secret Language of Snuggles

My oldest son slept with me till he was oh........ummmm, almost 4. There were a lot of reasons for it, but mostly, it was because I LIKED sleeping with him.
And he liked sleeping with me.
We used to play this game at bedtime which he called "THE RACE" (note - I'm not sure what or who was being raced). While I was making up the bed for sleepytime, as I fluffed up the sheet he would dive under it, striving to get completely under it before it fell down to the bed.
We'd do this every night.
As he got older things changed, he'd sleep in his own room till it became a habit and even on weekends or special nights when he was allowed to come sleep with me, he wouldn't ask for the race anymore. I kind of chalked it up to the equivalent of kisses at the bus stop - a thing of the past. Not cool. Baby stuff.
But he asked me last night if he could sleep with me, mentioning monsters and velociraptors that he sees in the shadows sometimes and I said yes because, yay snuggles.

As I pulled the covers apart to make up the bed (yes, we don't make our beds in the morning shut up) he knelt up on the mattress and said "Can we do the race?"
I giggled and he giggled, and he looks around and says "I think this bed got smaller, I used to have more room than this."
Then he laughed and dove under the sheet as it floated down onto him.
I am guessing that means he won.
A couple of hours later, I slipped into bed and put my arms around him.
He whispered "Mommy" in his sleep and proceeded to snore.

I am glad he's not too cool for snuggles yet. I am going to miss them.

*Authors note - is it just me or does he look freaked out by that cookie above?*