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Monday, May 16, 2011

Progress Comes In Many Forms

The Norm: I walk the first boy to the bus at the end our driveway every day at 6:50 ish. He has serious Mommy attachment issues, does my Miles. He holds one or both of my hands everyday as we walk down the driveway, often burying his face against my hip as we walk. He's ok as long as I walk all the way down the drive right to the door of the bus with him.
He looks back several times as he steps on, making sure I am standing there.
I never move until the bus is out of site.

TODAY: before we even left the porch, he let go of my hand and took off in front of me.
He never looked back, boarded the bus without so much as a castoff glance over his shoulder.
I guess this is progress.

Scene: I am sitting on the toilet. The boy mentioned above, is in the small half bath with me, singing into the mirror and banging on the Elvis candy tin that decorates this room. He always has to come with me, or there is screaming. The door opens, and the other twin comes in.
He promptly has a seat on my lap - while I am sitting on the toilet.
He hugs me close and says - "Family."

Yes. This is family.

And, in our world - this is progress.