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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It Started Off Innocently Enough

I had some flowers to plant and then to water. The kids were outside playing with sidewalk chalk on the drive. So when I went to water my new future flowers, the kids wanted to play in the hose.

This seemed like a good enough idea to me.

I spent entire summers with muddy feet playing in hoses and running through sprinklers. Hell we used to DRINK from the hose but now I hear you aren't supposed to do that. I'm not sure why. Historically that was the coldest, best water in the world. I guess now we know more about ground pollution or something.

Regardless, the kids thought it was about the perfect Sunday afternoon, I'm pretty sure.
But there is always something there to remind me that life with special needs kids is just a little bit different from life where everyone falls into the typical range.

For instance, on this perfect day where we had sidewalk chalk and playing in the hose, as I was peeling their soaking clothes off them to send them to the bath, Charlie says to me "My hand."
I was busy with a different child, plus since I turned 40 my close vision isn't what it used to be so I couldn't quite see what he was on about, I just said "ok baby one moment"
At which point he repeated himself - waving him hand in front of me.
I still couldn't see what he was trying to show me, moving object at close range isn't my forte.
"Ok baby give Mommy a sec...."
at which point he stuck his fingers in my mouth - fingers which were covered in poop.

Yeah you heard me.


Welcome to my world.


American in Bath said...

I'm so glad you had a day in the water. Those were my favorite days as a child.