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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saturdays and Teacakes REDUX

When my oldest boy was in Kindergarten, they read this book called SATURDAYS AND TEACAKES. Which is a really sweet book.
The author came to speak to his class, and it happened to be around his birthday so, hearing that the recipe for these TEACAKES was in the back of the book - I offered to make them for his class for the birthday party.

It got rave reviews from kids and teachers.

They were, however, some of the most annoying cookies to make in the history of the world. Even cold they were impossible to roll, impossible to cut and had the consistency of velcro when coming into contact with any other object made of matter.
Despite this, I was pretty pleased with myself for having made them.

About six months later, the boy says, as we were plotting treats to take to school for St Patty's Day "Can we just get donuts or something? Everyone else's mom brings stuff from the store or Krispy Kreme."


Everyone else's mom just swings through the Krispy Kreme and thus they are cooler than me and my home made cookies eh?


By the time SECOND grade got here, apparently some of his classmates asked for the teacakes again at birthday time, as the book was again being read in class. I growled, but made them.
As I made them, I remembered how much I hated them and cursed the fact that clearly this guy's MAWMAW had left something OUT of her index card because no way was this right.

I vowed, NEVER to make Mawmaw's teacakes again.

So as we're driving to school a couple of days ago, the boy says "Mom I don't know if you know this but my class party is coming up next week. It's our year end party. I was wondering, could we make those teacakes again?"

Me "Ugh, Louis I don't know. They are such a pain in the ass."

Him, "But Mom, you are the only mom who ever bakes anything. Everyone else just stops at gets something at the store. It's lame. The stuff you send is always special....."



American in Bath said...

Tea cakes are easier if you treat them like scones or biscuits rather than cookies.

And just reading this, I'd happily make a batch for his class. Good thing they'd take too long to get there.