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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Swine Flu and Other Good Times

You're going to have to pardon me if my sentences don't make sense. First off I have a five year old child who has decided that he has to scream hysterically every time I sit at the computer. Not because he's being neglected. But because for some reason of his own he doesn't want me to sit here. So he stands next to me, and screams. Autism is good times, some days.

It is making my head pound.

Secondly - because I'm sick.

Friday really started off on the right foot for me. I should've known that this was a bad sign, a day going that well couldn't continue. But I had people to call and reports to go through and menus to plan and really, I was rockin' it at work.

And then I got the call. Not one sick child, but two - both twins had fevers and would I please come get them. I glanced at the clock - not quite 11am, no problem, I can run pick them up - drop them off with their Dad and run back to work in time to take my asst out to lunch.

I was thinking Japanese.

Anyway, I dart off to school - when the first ominous cloud rolled over my day.

The para-pro's who delivered the boys to me, told me quietly that their teacher has H1N1 and so do the other two kids in the class, my boys were the only ones who showed up today.


Regardless I run them hope - give their Dad the 411 and as I'm preparing to head back to work I reach down - I have no idea what I was reaching for.

And my back froze.

I can't describe the sensation - but I was overwhelmed with the sensation that my back would literally break if I moved. I was able to lay down and my hubby rubbed my back for a while.....and I thought it was better.


I got up- and went to lift my knee to sit on the edge of the bed- and was overwhelmed with pain. My husband practically had to lay me down in the bed I was in such agony, it was insane.

My doctor's office decided quickly I had pulled a muscle in my back which seemed a lame diagnosis for my agony but whatever. Oh and good times, all I can take is Tylenol. Oh and I can alternate hot and cold ice pack.

Saturday, the good times continued as one twin woke up with a temp of 103.6 and the other one flared up a temp almost 103 later in the day. I combatted them with the old stand-by of alternating tylenol with advil.......as I felt my own fever rising and my chest constricting.

WHICH is all very good times.

The twins and I lay around like slugs all day on Saturday but Saturday into Sunday my back began to flare up again. When I got out of bed, the husband had me take an Epsom salt back in the jacuzzi - and I think it actually helped. My temperature broke about 6am Sunday morning, I say this based on the fact that I woke up drenched in sweat and feeling like I was dying.

But I got the menu ordered for work on Monday- and I know where I can order on the fly for Tuesday. My brain is working if my body isn't cooperating. Despite the snot running out of my nose, the hideous death rattle coughing and the ache in my back.......as I head into Sunday evening I feel like the medicine is keeping the worst of the ick at bay for us all.

I feel like crap, don't get me wrong. I could sleep for like two days. But I think we're going to survive.

But man does it suck.

Here is a random picture of a giant mushroom in my yard. Just for fun. We could use some fun around here!


Dhiraj said...

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Emma said...

Hope you feel better!