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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Popcorn Up The Nose - Redux

My middle child has a new favorite hobby.
It's shoving popcorn kernels up his nose. Brilliant - eh?

Last week it was innocuous enough - annoying and weird but easily remedied and life moved on.

But yesterday.......YESTERDAY...I returned home from work and the boy had a popcorn kernel shoved up into his nostril.......oh not just into his nostril.

Back toward the SINUS - where you couldn't get it out.

Off we went to the ER.

Sigh. Damned ER - you know we waited for hours to get in.

On the lighter side, Miles made friends with a sweet elderly Chinese couple. I'm not sure that they understoond that he was austistic - but they thought he was hilarious and he danced and sang and counted for them. At one point he started dancing and clapping and they got up and danced with him (the man got out of his WHEELCHAIR to do so). It was rather touching and sweet to see them playing with him, clearly they had huge sweet hearts to be so engaging to such a little strange boy.

To just absolutely cap this tender moment, the boy walked over to the man's wheelchair and put a tight grip on it's arm.

And grunted.

And grunted.


And grunted and squirmed.

Yes. He pooped his pants.

The old man thought it was HYSTERICAL and laughed so hard I thought he was going to die.

I on the other hand nearly crawled under my chair.......as not only the old couple were privvy to this display - EVERYONE watched it happen.

Because you know, WELCOME TO AUTISM.


The doctor and a nurse put the boy on a papoose board and using suction removed the offending popcorn kernel in about 2 seconds.

And we are on popcorn moratorium around here, I tell you what.......