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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Venetian Masquerade

My husband and I had a DATE LAST NIGHT!

That's RIGHT! We got a sitter and went out. It was a fantastic Venetian Masquerade party with delicious food, wonderful wine (we discovered Prosecco - YUMM! We liked it so much we ran off to the LQ on our way home to get another bottle).

Ok I'm making a crazy face in that one, I have no idea what's going on. I don't even care. We danced the night away and it was fantastically romantic.

Having a wonderful romantic date with someone you're already in love with is the best thing in the whole world.

We also had the best freaking babysitter EVER, the kids loved her and I never even once really WORRIED because I know her and know how smart and great she is. THANK YOU EMMA!

It was wonderful to leave them in the hands of a good friend, and know that everything was going to be ok!

How'd the kids do, with a baby sitter? Well when we got home, they looked like this.


Frank said...

I had a wonderful time. Thanks Bunny, I love you very much. And thanks Emma for not eating the kids or letting them set you on fire.

rabidxdisease said...

lol! the kids were wonderful! i came home and was telling everyone I now wanted twins. They will be named Luke and Leia. :)
call me anytime i'm always down to chill with the boyos.

Michele in Lex said...

You look beautiful in your dress!!!

Frank said...

And check out those boobies!