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Thursday, January 08, 2009

11 Years Ago Yesterday...(okay 8 Years Ago I can't Count)

...I stood idly picking my nail polish off, on a stalled Monorail between Epcot and the transportation center. I had taken a lot of care to be all pretty and girly that long weekend - applying more lipstick and freshening up each time we stopped by a ladies room. I made sure that my nails were done and totally cute - I can assure you.

So it was just an old habit....idly picking my nail polish off. Left over from teenage years like twisting my hair when a boy I liked came around - I didn't even think twice.

And when he looked over at me, gasped and said,"YOUR HANDS! YOUR NAILS! AH! What are you doing?" I just mumbled "I dunno." and thought that would be it.

But he stammered, and mumbled........about how nice my hands had looked, how beautiful my manicure was.....and said,"But you'll be sorry your nails weren't done........"

Now, that SHOULD have been a clue - don't you think?

But it wasn't...........and the next morning, when my feet were screaming from too much theme park and he insisted that we get to Magic Kingdom early, and that we run STRAIGHT AWAY to get mouse ears.......and that we HAD to get to the front of the castle and get our picture taken........well......

I dunno. I just thought "Wow, he's really getting on board with this whole touristy picture taking thing!"

And then the barbershop quartet came over, which seemed odd, and said they wanted to be in our picture. Which also was odd.

And then he did THIS.........

He chose Elvis's birthday so that we would always remember what day it was! So Happy Birthday To You Elvis! It's one of the Happiest Days of My Life.

And here, from Spinner - the 30 Coolest Things About Elvis.

And just remember - everything will change. But Love Remains the Same.


TheBadMonkey said...

Aw, that is just too sweet. What a wonderful story. Happy anniversary!

Frank said...

Happy Elvis Day, Bunny!

Frank said...

Ummmm, it was eight years ago. You are such a guy.

Kristine said...

I was doing the math too, thinking, "okay she sent me the pictures while I was working as the Office Manager, where I could check emails and goof off online, and I started that in 2000...."

Gidge said...

No one ever accused me of being able to do math.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I knew that whole story except the part about it being the birthday of Elvis.