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Thursday, January 01, 2009

So Where Is YOUR Second Furnace?

So we've had this issue for a few days. Downstairs the furnace is blowing cold air. Upstairs, toasty warm air spews forth. But downstairs - in the living, dining kitchen world........COLD AIR.
Perplexed, we went into the attic to take a look at the furnace.
Cuz we're homeowners now, and that is what you do. You walk up to to that furnace and you........

Look at it.

What we gleaned, was that the pilot light was on. Which was GOOD. The husband took the panel off, and we turned on the heat and watched the panel light up the way the book says it's supposed to.

So now what?

So we've been cold, and building fires in the fire place, and perplexed and annoyed - not sure what we're supposed to DO other than call an HVAC guy which is gonna be expensive.

Well then, at work, I'm telling my boss. And he says to me "Did you check your second furnace?" To which, I being a reasonable person, said "WHAT SECOND FURNACE?"

Then he proceeds to tell me that in GA - they put in a furnace FOR EACH FLOOR OF THE HOUSE. WHAT SORT OF MADNESS IS THIS?
We do not live in the arctic circle, requiring TWO massive heat sources to warm us from the freezing northern winds. We live in GEORGIA.

I call the husband at home, he pops off the cold air return downstairs - and the pipe goes DOWN.
Under our house,

Into our Crawl Space.

You heard me, they put our "second furnace" in our CRAWL SPACE.

Because it's so easy to change filters and other things, when something is in your CRAWL SPACE.

When I got home from work, he was the MAN of the family and shimmied across the length of our house TO the said second furnace, but because of where it is located and how small the area is - we were only able to confirm that YES, it is a furnace.

HVAC guy - have fun.

Until you get here, it's all Little House on the Prairie here - I got up this morning and gathered pine cones to get the fire going downstairs.

Think about this, last night I talked to people from Portland, Kentucky, Italy, Hong Kong and Japan online - and then this morning I GATHERED PINE CONES TO START A FIRE TO HEAT MY HOUSE.