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Friday, April 04, 2008

Showing Our Age

I was on the phone with Leslie the other night, and she was telling me how she won this MP3 player at work. Excitedly she shared with me some of the cool stuff that it does, fancy accoutrement etc.
I told her how I had gotten one from Props and Pans to review - and that I thought it was a fairly nifty device as well.
And then I confessed it.

I'm not exactly sure what to DO with it.

And then she confessed it.

She's not exactly sure what to DO with it.

Don't get us wrong. We KNOW it's function. We COMPREHEND HOW TO MAKE IT WORK.

But, now what? Neither of us have huge commutes to work requiring volumes of music to be at our disposal. We don't jog or walk or otherwise work out. You can't really wear them at work. It would be RUDE to wear them in the presence of others.

Soooooo......now what?

I can't imagine a practical application of this device. I enjoy purchasing CDs. Many CDs are meant to be listened to all together - not in snippets.

Are we this old, or is this device really just trendy and we're fine?


Frank said...

You should wear it while you clean the house. Oh wait, never mind.

Dave said...

And I have it playing through speakers while cooking. Oh wait, never mind.

Trish K said...

My daughter knows how to use an MP3 player, I have yet to figure it out. It took me months to figure out that an I-Pod is actually an MP3 player. Good luck...

Table for Five said...

I have the same problem with my iPod shuffle. I like listening to whole CDs beginning to end, it drives me nuts to just get one song at a time!

If you have a minute, would you stop by and read this post of mine? http://table4five.net/2008/04/02/its-a-long-shot-but-i-have-to-try/
I'm trying to win a BlogHer contest to get a free trip to the conference in San Francisco :)

Barbara Raymond said...

I started using mine in bed at night, and now I can't fall asleep without it. Some soothing, relaxing music helps me unwind, plus it blocks out any other distracting noise.

Finding comfortable headphones for use while sleeping can be a challenge, though.

I also have lots of energizing music on my mp3 player for working out... maybe someday I'll have occasion to listen to it. ;>)

Anonymous said...

load e-books on it? Our library offers them free.
I don't have a mp-player but my musician husband does and I've been thinking about getting one to use with e-books...I have to "read" sometime LOL

Kristine said...

I couldn't live without mine, this doesn't mean I know anything about how to load it. That's why I married a geek. I can live obliviously and he takes care of my toys.

We own easily a thousand CDs, I have an 8g Nano, and I can't fill it up. We still have the option of playing CDs, so if I get in the occasional mood for something I have put on in years, I can. I love iTunes, there is stuff on there I had forgotten I love.

Frank said...

No dice, Barb. I've been trying to get her to let me play music during sleep for 11 years, ain't gonna happen. I always used to listen to Enya and Enigma but now I just listen to her snore. Best song ever.