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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Archetype Snuggling Memories - AKA Some Unrepentant Mommy Blogging

I'm sure that Jung never touched on this one, as in any of the crap I had to read about him he never covered snuggling whatsoever. But, I am positive that I experienced one. A Snuggling Archetype at work.
You see once upon a time, I had this little baby boy. He and I would get up, have a diaper and a bottle and then snuggle on the couch. I'd watch the Carolyn Rhea show, the Wayne Brady show and whatever else was on.
And in my arms, snuggled next to the back of the couch, he would doze, and eventually I would doze. I would smell the wonderful,soul filling smell of my baby nose and and the comforting feel of his weight against me. It's when I learned to sleep lightly, the slightest sound of him would rouse me.

He hasn't been that little baby in a long time.

But lately, on weekend mornings, we've taken to getting up first. And we creep into the living room and crawl under our Oasis blanket on the couch and talk,whisper and sometimes we'lll fall asleep. Usually I sleep with my back against the sofa-back, and my now big boy will sleep like a little spoon next to me.

The other day however, I needed to roll on to my back. He adjusted accordingly, but apparently I'm not such a light sleeper anymore. My first thought was that I was sleeping with my baby again. I was surrounded by the smell, the smell that ONLY this particular baby ever had and how I know in a room of 100 babies I could have found him instantly - even if blindfolded. Filling my nose, was this wonderful scent and it work me just a little, because it seemed to out of place.

Snuggled against me, in his old place, was my baby. Only he is now five, and stretches out over 4 feet long. His head was tucked under my chin, his arm on my chest. His mouth was slack and he was snoring in his most comfortable safe-spot. It made me cry a little. Happy tears and sad tears. The kind I can't even really explain.

When he woke up he giggled about sleeping on top of Mom. But he also said that it was a really comfy spot.

I have to agree.